Tips for styling your bed

Don’t you hate it when you walk into a bedding store and their beds always look fantastic and you take it home and it looks totally different in your room!? How do they do that!! We’re here to tell you!

Firstly what size bed do you have? 

Single bed: you should have one European pillow, two standards, one/two cushions and a throw, quilt size should be a double

Double/queen bed: two European pillows, 4 standards, one/two cushions and a throw, quilt size for a double is queen, quilt size for a queen is king

King bed: 3 European pillows, 2 king size pillows, 2 standard pillows, 2/3 cushions and a throw, quilt size should be super king. 

Here’s a tip: For the warmer months we also start using a summer weight blanket underneath our quilts so that we’re ready in the middle of the night for whatever weather mother nature is bringing us! 

Ok now that that’s sorted how do you style it!?

At Bombora this is our style, feel free to play around as you please. 


Single Beds: Pop one standard against the headboard, then place your euro in front of that. Place your second standard in front of the euro and lastly cushion/s in front. 

Double-Queen Beds: One side will look like what we do on a single bed; a standard either side of the euro. On the other side, we like to lay the two standards down stacked on top of each other and then place the euro in front. Lastly place two different sized cushions in the front. 

King Bed: King beds are a bit trickier to style. They are really large and tend to look empty. That is why we suggest three euros lined up along the headboard. In front of the euros on one side lay down flat a king pillow at the bottom and then a standard on top. On the other side stand them up with king pillow at the back and standard pillow in front. Lastly your cushions in the very front. Use different sizes and shapes to add interest.

Tip: Instead of propping your cushions up perfectly, try relaxing the angle a bit. Use feather inserts in cushions and also euros so that they look full.

Quilt Cover:

Lay the quilt cover flat and then roll back the top halfway down the bed towards the end. Then double it back onto itself to create a thick roll. If you have a blanket you can fold it neatly and tuck under the roll. For added interest, when you double the fold back over try leaving one side less folded over. Lastly drape your throw over the end by picking it up with one hand in the centre, with the other hand get the natural drape looking neat, and then lay it over the edge of the bed.

We'd love hear your tips on how you style your bed at home! Leave comments below!

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