Styling a gender neutral nursery

Many people love to wait until the big day before they find out what gender their baby is, or perhaps they’re having twins one boy and one girl. This can be hard for people when thinking about styling their nursery. We’ve decided to write up some tips for you on how to style a gender neutral nursery that your friends will be jealous of.

Wall colour:

Try soft beiges or greys. For added interest you could add wood panelling or use a textured paint.


Wood and cane pieces are timeless and will last generations. They are also very gender neutral. Try our cane bassinets available in different styles to suit your tastes.

Styling items:

With sheets, try beiges, greys or if you’re after a bit more colour why not try mustards and terracottas? Try our linen baby sheets. 

Wall decor is where the fun begins. Try textural elements such as macrame or woven baskets and trays. Add in metallic elements such as little mirrors like our Luna crescent mirror.

Floor coverings can be a good opportunity to either ground the room or add a pop of colour. Try vintage moroccan rugs available in many different patterns, colours and styles. Or if you’re after something that won’t show up dirt try a jute rug. 

We’d love to hear any other tips you have for a gender neutral nursery, or how your styling went with yours! Comment below to let us know.

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